SeaDream Yacht Club presents a new concept with the SeaDream Innovation, the Global Yachting

30 years ago Atle Brynestad marked a milestone by reinventing a new concept of luxury cruises introducing the Seabourn brand. Thirteen years later, it was a step further in the luxury mega yacht concept with the twin mega yachts SeaDream I and SeaDream II.


Since its founding SeaDream has achieved the highest accolades in the industry, consistently recognized for exceeding guest expectations with its casual lifestyle, and offering a unique experience at sea.


In 2021, Mr. Brynestad reinvents the luxury cruise concept with Global Yachting. Global Yachting is an elegance with a casual atmosphere, reaching the ports that Seadream currently offers, but now navigating to all corners of the globe as of September 2021.


“The journey of our life” would be the appropriate name for the exciting adventure of the inaugural 70-day cruise that will begin under the Tower of London, following in the footsteps of the most famous explorers and touring much of the Caribbean, the Panama Canal and the west coast from South America to Cape Horn from where it will depart to Antarctica.


With only 110 suites with private balconies, elegantly decorated for 220 privileged guests cared for by the same number of crew in a passenger / crew ratio unparalleled in the industry. The SeaDream Innovation will offer an intimate, all-inclusive environment. Combining innovation with elegant comfort. All spaces and facilities have been designed to elevate the experience of guests at sea, including three marinas for water sports and outdoor restaurants.


The inaugural season of SeaDream Innovation in 2021 is now available for reservations through StarClass, the company’s representative in Spain and Portugal.