Santa Cruz de Tenerife closes 2018 with more visitors and spending although tourists staying down 5.5%

Santa Cruz de Tenerife closed last year with 2.3 million visitors, 2.5% more, and more than 101 million spending (+ 2.8%), although tourists stayed down 5.5% until 227,000, according to data from the Development Society.

The balance on last year has been exposed this Thursday at a press conference by the mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez; the president of Ashotel, Jorge Marichal; the vice-president Gabriel Wolgeschaffen and the councilor of Economic Promotion, Alfonso Cabello.

Of the modalities of visitors, hikers continue to rise and grow by 1.7% to 1.6 million, with tourists spending more with 68.3 million, while cruise passengers climb almost 10% to exceed 441,000 .

In addition, the report shows that tourist employment has increased by 3.3% in the city, to stand at 18,337 people.

Bermúdez has highlighted the “sustained growth” of tourism in the city, which “is better” than in 2011, when he acceded to the Mayor’s Office, as there are more tourists on the streets with the “specific problem” of the drop-off of the lodged, who came of a rise during five consecutive years and it will be necessary to study if this rebound to the downside “is a trend over time”.

However, it has valued that the city is still attractive for the sector as it is expected the construction of three hotels in the coming years and therefore, has claimed Ashotel to “influence” Tourism of Tenerife and Promotur so that promotional campaigns also affect “urban destinations” and do not prioritize almost exclusively the segment of ‘sun and beach’.

“It’s no use doing activities and organizing big sports events if there is not a good job with congress tourism,” he added.

However, he believes that the city “can improve” this year and achieve greater “stability” in hotel occupancy, beyond the “peaks” of Carnival, for example, for what has appealed to “work together” of the hand of hoteliers.

Faced with the uncertainties that threaten the tourism sector due to international instability, Cabello has commented that the marketing of Carnival will be promoted, the culinary sector will be boosted with the ‘Santa Cruz Degusta’ brand, the creation of a club of products associated with the Biosphere Reserve or seasonally adjusted cruise season.


Marichal has acknowledged that “Santa Cruz de Tenerife is doing well but hoteliers are not so well”, because they have lost some 15,000 tourists, which have caused the average occupation to go from 61% to 57%, “and that is very noticeable ”

He commented that you can “show off” the city and hotels, and in fact there will be new hotel investments “because the money is not silly and you see business expectation”, but warns of the risk that “if more beds are put in, you can get into trouble when the occupation falls. ”

The president of the employers has been critical of the boom in holiday rentals in the city, as in October there were officially registered 377 homes and estimated that almost 400 are also offered to the market illegally. “Santa Cruz is going very well but tourists do not stay in hotels,” he said.

Marichal has also called for “specific campaigns” to promote the capital because activities are “but it is necessary for people to find out”, beyond the Carnival, which “comes very well” to hoteliers.