Sangulí Salou best European campsite of the year 2018

Camping Sangulí Salou

Camping & Resort Sangulí Salou is one of the winners of the ANWB Prize for the Camping of the Year 2018. Specifically, it has been the winner in the category of the best rental accommodations, in which more than 180 campsites from all over Europe were presented.

With this award, Camping & Resort Sangulí Salou has finished celebrating its 45th anniversary with which it has inaugurated the new Resort area, Africa.

The prize for the best rental accommodation has been possible thanks to the theming that is experienced throughout the site. This area has 300 wooden lodgings and 12 safari tents spread over three large terraces named Sabana Alta, Medium and Low, which show different landscapes.

Sangulí Salou, has a total of five accommodation types: the Nuba, Samburu and Masai lodges, and the Safari Tent and Grand Safari Tent stores, the latter, are made with sustainable materials and quality, long-lasting woods, structures steel.

In addition, following the philosophy of the company, all accommodations follow criteria of sustainability despite having air conditioning or dishwasher.