San Francisco will charge tourists $ 10 to drive the famous Lombard Street by car

The City of San Francisco will charge tourists $ 10 for driving on the famous Lomard Street, one of the streets with the most curves in the world, up to eight in its 183 meters in length, a measure proposed in January to minimize congestion and that has been unanimously approved by the Board of Supervisors. However, the rate will not be implemented before 2020, because it needs a green light from the State of California.

The measure includes making a reservation in advance and a fee that could range from $ 5 for weekdays to $ 10 on weekends or holidays, reports CBS San Francisco.

Around 6,000 tourists a day visit Lombard Street in summer attracted by the peculiarity of its zigzag to enjoy the panoramic portrayed in the films obstructing the neighborhood of Russian Hill with rows of vehicles waiting to travel the aforementioned street. Each year, there are more than 2.1 million tourists.

The city needs the approval of the California State to charge for the use of a public road, but it would depend on the City of San Francisco how and what to charge and how to use the funds. The state legislation already allows charging fees for drivers to travel through areas considered to be very touristy.

Area Supervisor Catherine Stefani has advanced that this fee would help maintain the reservation system that will be created for this purpose and pay for more traffic controls and police patrols in the area, as well as ensuring that visitors to the famous street have a good experience.

Traveling by car Lombard Street would not be the only road attraction in San Francisco that charges a fee: driving on US Route 101 through the Golden Gate Bridge in a car costs eight dollars.

In 2018, San Francisco received 25.8 million visitors, 1.2% more than in 2017, of this figure more than ten million visitors corresponded to business trips, according to data from San Francisco Travel.