Ryanair starts an ERE for 512 employees after confirming the closure of the bases of Las Palmas, Tenerife, Girona and Lanzarote

Ryanair has initiated a process of collective dismissal that could affect about 512 cabin crew and pilots after confirming the closure of the bases of Las Palmas and Tenerife South, which also add Lanzarote and Girona, for next January 8 , as reported by USO in a statement.

Specifically, the workforce adjustment would affect 512 employees, including cabin crew and pilots, which are broken down into 164 people in Girona, 156 in Tenerife South, 110 in Las Palmas and 82 in Lanzarote.

USO organization secretary Ryanair, Jairo Gonzalo, has confirmed that employees have received this notification from the Irish airline when the union was meeting with the company’s management.

«While we were meeting with the airline management to try to agree on the minimum services for the 10 strike days called in September, the Human Resources managers of Ryanair, Crewlink and Workforce sent the emails in which they announced the closure of the bases, «Gonzalo explained.

According to USO, the Ryanair management justifies the closures of these four bases in Spain by the delays of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, the effects of a possible hard Brexit and the decline in profits over the last two years.

From the union organization they have affirmed, in turn, that what the company is doing «is to dismantle the bases in Spain because applying Spanish labor legislation is more expensive than hiring new crews through other companies where conditions are more precarious. »

In this sense, Gonzalo has wondered how it is explained that, on the same day that the airline announces to its workers the closure of these bases, job offers for Laudamotion are published in Madrid and Barcelona.


«The closures and dismissals announced are not justified and Ryanair will have to give explanations to the Spanish labor authorities, as soon as they return on vacation. We hope that once and for all our rulers act and force Ryanair to comply with the law because it is already well so much tease. Our politicians cannot accept that Ryanair continues to mock our country, «Gonzalo said.

Along these lines, he pointed out that the Ministry of Development will have to decide again on the minimum services to be applied in the strike days of days 1, 2, 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22, 27 and 29 of September, «after not reaching an agreement between the convening unions, USO and Sitcpla, and the Ryanair management».

The ten stoppages called by Ryanair cabin crew (TCP) against these closures and layoffs have massive support from the pilots of the Irish airline. The Spanish Airline Trade Union (Sepla) considers that such measures would mean the dismissal of more than 100 pilots throughout Spain.


According to the airline, several of its bases will be reduced or closed due to the late delivery of up to 30 MAX 737 aircraft this winter. The firm says that «no route will be affected», as they will be served by flights from other bases from November when winter time begins.

The airline already advanced in February possible adjustments in its bases due to the evolution of the business derived from the uncertainty of the ‘Brexit’, after more moderate increases than in the previous seasons, to which the delay of the order of the 737 MAX is added to Boeing , with which he had for summer and whose deliveries are suspended.

Ryanair closed the first quarter of its fiscal year, ended on June 30, with a profit of 243 million euros, 21% less than a year earlier. After presenting their quarterly accounts, the group’s CEO, Michael O’Leary, anticipated that the entity would be forced to undertake dismissals, at the end of September, and after Christmas, and estimated the number of pilots and 400 flight attendants that are left over in its template.