Ryanair Spanish pilots massively support going on strike

Ryanair pilots have massively supported the adoption of legal measures, including the strike, as a measure of protest over the announced closure of the bases of Tenerife South, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and, possibly, Gerona, some closures that «will mean dismissal of more than 100 pilots throughout Spain, «according to the Sepla union.

More than 90% of the pilots consulted by the Sepla union have said yes to the question «Do you authorize the Trade Union Section to take all legal measures deemed necessary, including the strike, to resolve the current conflict?» reported the Spanish Airline Trade Union (Sepla).

In its statement, Sepla notes that «it has not yet called any strike», although «it does not rule out doing so in the coming weeks.» Despite this, it will exhaust the negotiation routes with the company at all times.

The pilots protest the announced closure of bases, which is not based on any legal or economic argument and would mean the dismissal of more than one hundred pilots.

«We hope that the company reconsiders in its decision, which is not covered by any economic motivation since Ryanair continues to announce benefits year after year,» they point out from the union section of the Sepla in Ryanair.

The Sepla denounces that Ryanair has announced the closing of bases «without carrying out the obligatory legal procedure to carry out a collective dismissal» and also considers that these dismissals «do not comply with the law, as they are not motivated either legally or economically» .

The legal team of the Sepla is studying how to give way to the collective’s will and points out that the measures adopted will finally be duly communicated to public opinion, «in order to harm passengers as little as possible.»