Ryanair removes some Boeing 737, after detecting cracks in «a very small number» of airplanes

Ryanair has admitted that «a very small number of aircraft» Boeing 737 has been removed from service, after finding cracks in their structures.

The airline thus rejects the information published last Wednesday ‘The Guardian’ in which it is said that the airline would have left three Boeing 737 grounded after finding cracks in the area between the wings and the fuselage.

However, Ryanair has not confirmed the number published by the newspaper and has ensured that the newspaper’s information approach «is unfounded.»

According to the airline, «Boeing is carrying out repairs on a small number of airplanes on behalf of Ryanair,» although it has clarified that the discovery of small cracks «would not affect either the fleet or the flights.»

«Ryanair has already inspected more than 70 aircraft, the oldest ones, according to the Airworthiness Directive and our index of findings is lower than the figure recently confirmed by Boeing for the entire industry, 5%,» Ryanair said in the release.

The Irish low-cost airline is the last to be affected by failures in this structure. While other companies, such as Qantas and Southwest, have revealed the number of their planes affected by the cracks, Ryanair – which operates the largest fleet of 737 aircraft in Europe – has not wanted to unveil the exact number of affected planes.

The Guardian ‘would have accessed Ryanair’s internal engineering records, stating that the three aircraft have the cited «cracks.»

This finding comes after airlines such as Qantas, Southwest and Brazilian Gol decided to step up controls on the Boeing 737 NG, after finding structural cracks.

The reviews include a scenario marked by a climate of global concern about air travel safety and Boeing problems after the two 737 MAX accidents in which 346 people died.

On this issue, a Boeing spokesman said that just over 1,000 aircraft had already been inspected to date, of which less than 5% had problems.

In a statement to the US Securities and Exchange Commission a few weeks ago, Boeing said that all 737 NGs with more than 30,000 flight journeys and about a third of airplanes with more than 22,600 journeys had been inspected for cracks

«Depending on the results of these evaluations, additional inspections or repairs may be required,» Boeing said.