Ryanair ensures that its new luggage policy has increased the punctuality of its flights by 11%

The airline Ryanair ensures that since the launch of the new baggage policy on 1 November, there have been improvements in the timeliness of its flights that have improved by 11%.

The Irish company says that in this first week of operation, the measure has been welcomed by both passengers and airports throughout Europe.

Ryanair reiterates that, with this new measure, there has been a significant increase in punctuality in its flights. Thus, 88% of the company’s flights have landed on time since November 1, compared to 77% of the previous week.

In addition, faster shipments and fewer flight delays have been registered, with more agile access to airport security controls due to the reduction in the volume of hand luggage.

Ryanair Marketing Director Kenny Jacobs highlights the positive comments received from both customers and airports throughout Europe in the management of security controls and in the improvement of the boarding experience.

“Ryanair customers have been able to save millions of euros thanks to the new rate of 8 euros for billing a suitcase of 10 kilos, compared to 25 euros for a 20 kilos, up to 50% of our passengers continue to go on board two pieces of luggage thanks to the priority shipping service, “explained the manager.