Ryanair consume the closure of bases in the Canary Islands in a «chaotic» day and without a letter of dismissal to workers

Irish airline Ryanair has accomplished Wednesday closing its bases in Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote in a «chaotic» day which has not yet been given to workers the pink slip.

This was exposed to Europa Press secretary of USO and cabin crew of the Tenerife Sur airport, Jairo Gonzalo, who has described the «chaos and misinformation» that exists in the foundation of the company «until the last moment.»

In that vein, notes that according to the employment contract, letters of dismissal must be sent workers a month in advance, and besides that, some workers are are entering their bank accounts specified quantities involved «correspond to compensation «but also» with amounts not add up. »

In each base there is a legal representative of the company to manage the decommissioning and workers have been given a memorandum that reflects that at 1700 hours on Wednesday must submit credentials, uniforms and sales terminals.

It also has been informed that the ‘settlement’ will be given on 28.

«That a company like Ryanair, with 400 operational aircraft and 10,000 employees, is not able to manage a Canary firing three bases, it is illogical to resources that moves the company» has been added.


Gonzalo has confirmed that today there are no flights from the company of the islands and only personnel on duty have been mobilized.

On the situation of the almost 300 workers affected in the archipelago, he pointed out that a quarter of the pilots can be relocated and only a dozen cabin crew, who, in addition, are not compensated and the company only pays them airline ticket and covers the cost of two suitcases, without economic support to families and when they have to undertake transfers to Dublin or Bergamo. «The rest goes to the strike from tomorrow,» he said.

As for the possible intermediation of the Government of the Canary Islands, he said that next Monday they have a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Employment, Gustavo Santana, in order to set up new training itineraries that allow the labor reintegration of the affected workers.