Ryanair closes the website in which it sold tourist packages

Ryanair Holidays, the web of vacation packages of the Irish airline, has closed its business although, according to its website, “all previous reservations will not be affected and will be fulfilled as planned.”

The one that pretended to be the new ‘Amazon of the trips’ has closed not only in Spain but also in the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy, countries where the platform of touristic packages operated. On the website, the closing notice is published in German, English, Spanish, and Italian.

Ryanair Holidays was launched in Spain in April 2017 offering web packages with flights, accommodation and transfers through the web.

In principle, the service was offered by Logitravel and the provider of accommodation and tourist services World2meet (W2M), but after ceasing its agreement with Logitravel for detecting “illegal scraping actions” on the company’s rates, the airline signed with the German operator HLX Touristik.

The service, framed in the program ‘Always Improving’ of the company, added well to those of ‘Ryanair Car Hire’ and ‘Ryanair Rooms’ also offered by the Irish company. At the moment these two services continue to function normally.