Ryanair approves a bonus for O’Leary with which he would earn up to 100 million

Ryanair shareholders have approved at the shareholders meeting on Thursday a bonus plan for the CEO of the ‘holding’, Michael O’Leary, with which he could earn 100 million euros in five years.

This remuneration system, which requires you to double the profitability or the price of the company’s shares within five years, has been supported with 50.5% of the votes.

Last February, O’Leary announced that he would remain in the company for five more years as CEO of the holding company, while they have already announced the appointment of Eddie Wilson as his successor in the position of CEO of Ryanair.

The price of Ryanair shares has been reduced almost by half in the last two and a half years as a result of multiple disputes with unions and delays in deliveries of the Boeing 737 MAX.