Rusticae toughens its selection criteria and rejects 80% of the accommodations

Rusticae, a club of charming hotels, has tightened its selection criteria to «guarantee quality establishments, with a careful attention to the client and that comply with current legislation», according to a press release.

These «increasingly rigorous» criteria include respect for the values ​​of the brand, the location in a special environment of cultural or natural interest, a careful and harmonious decoration, as well as the «exquisite treatment» on the part of the hotel’s hosts. .

The personalized selection of establishments and the recommendation is «increasingly important» for the end customer and also for the hotelier looking for a company that shows «faithfully the quality and philosophy of their product,» they say from Rusticae.

In this sense, Rusticae currently rejects more than 80% of the accommodations interested in being part of this hotel club, which brings together more than 350 establishments located in Spain, Portugal, other countries of the Mediterranean and Latin America.