Routes by road to discover some of the lesser-known beaches of Spain

With temperatures exceeding 35 degrees in many parts of Spain, many tourists and Spanish undertake the search of the nearest beach. To help them avoid the crowds this summer, Avis España reveals some of the least known beaches in the country to visit this summer.

Recently, the Travel Trends Report Avis 2019 * revealed that among Europeans there is a growing interest, to enjoy holidays within the country, a travel modality that makes almost a quarter (24%) of respondents.

The report also revealed that beach vacations are the second most popular micro-run in Europe (25%).

According to this report, the traditional trips to the coast are growing again in popularity which, together with the increase in temperatures, means that 2019 may be the perfect time to plan a summer trip by road with friends or family with whom to visit some of the secret beaches of Spain, thus avoiding the hustle and bustle of the best-known beaches. For this, Avis España has created a list of beach treasures that will inspire travel this summer.

The best beaches in Spain to escape from the world:

  1. Beach of Gulpiyuri, Asturias
  2. Cala dels Frares, in Gerona
  3. El Castillo Beach, in Cádiz

The beaches with the cleanest water, perfect for bathing:

  1. Cala Estreta, in Gerona
  2. Cala Macarella and Macarelleta, Menorca, Balearic Islands
  3. Cala Clara, in Mallorca, Balearic Islands

The most instagramable beaches:

  1. Barrika Beach, in Vizcaya
  2. Cala Pregonda, Menorca
  3. Cala de Maro, Málaga

And what better way to find these hidden treasures of the Spanish coasts than to do it on a road trip in one of Avis’s summer fleet cars. In Malaga, Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza you can enjoy until September a selection of elegant convertibles with which to discover the best beaches and hidden corners with the road at your feet and the sky in your hands.

Road routes give travelers the freedom to go wherever and whenever they want, and now it’s easier than ever to explore new destinations, since the self-service features of the Avis App are the perfect way to get travelers to the controls of your vacations.