Protecting the Countryside, Creating Harmony Between Visitors and Farmers! Making Biei the Best Place it can be!

Each year 1,600,000 visitors go to Hokkaido to see the beautiful farms in Biei!
It is a unique area scattered with hilly farmland that feature amazing fields of not just crops but beautiful flowers.
It is because of these beautiful fields that people flock to the area for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

In 2016, one unfortunate event happened in the area. After repeated trespassing from tourists trying to get a commemorative picture with the world famous Philosophy Tree, the owner cut the tree down, thus trying to end the mass amount of people entering the farmland without permission. But alas, the felling of this symbolic tree could not bring an end to the problems the landowner face. And with this, tourist now trample and ruin the fields moving about to find not only the now felled tree but also great spots to take pictures in, and so on. This is widening the gap between the landowners in Biei and the tourist coming in.

The beautiful farmwork is all down to the work of the farmers that make a living from the area.
If things can’t be done to improve the relationship between the farmers of Biei and the tourists, it is improbable that the area can last as a tourist area. That’s why we have started to make inroads into creating a bright future of harmony between the two groups.
This project is the start of what we hope will be the beginning of a great relationship between everyone, making the people of Biei and the visitors happy. We hope it might even help to find an opening to the solution to Overtourism!
By creating signage that allows for the visitors from all over the world to learn about farms and those that look after them and rely on, we hope that it will start to cause a change. In addition to this, by adding QR codes to the signs and giving the visitors a chance to help support the farms, the farmers will get a small amount of compensation, something which at the moment doesn’t happen a lot.

We hope you can back and share this project!!