Princess Cruises announces its 2020-2021 program for South America and Antarctica

The largest cruise ship of premium cruises reveals the routes, between 14 and 92 days long, which has been designed by the southernmost region of the world

Princess Cruises has recently revealed the details of its travel program for South America and Antarctica for the period 2020-2021. They will be two of the ships of the fleet, the Coral and the Pacific Princess, which, through eight itineraries, will sail to the ends of the world reaching a total of 35 destinations in 17 countries. Passengers who embark on this adventure will be able to enjoy even more the departure cities, since the cruise ships will spend the night in the ports of Lima (Callao), Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, as well as being able to combine their cruise with land excursions to places like the Iguazu Falls or Machu Picchu.

Princess Cruises, the world’s largest premium cruise company, has recently announced its 2020-2021 program for South America and Antarctica. The Coral Princess, with capacity for 2,000 passengers and the Pacific Princess, of up to 670, will undertake these trips that will last between 14 and 92 days and will reach a total of 35 destinations in 17 countries through eight unique itineraries. In addition, there will be more time to visit the places of departure selected by the traveler, to spend the night on board in the ports of Lima (Callao), Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.

The Coral Princess will depart from Los Angeles, Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires, and offer a 15-day route through Cape Horn and the Strait of Magellan, the southernmost area of ​​the world where, in turn, along the Argentine coast, you can observe the solar eclipse scheduled for December 14, 2020. The beginning of these cruises will take place on December 3 next year, from Santiago to the capital of Argentina, and stopping at Puerto Montt, the Glacier Amalia, Punta Arenas, Ushuaia, Cape Horn (scenic cruise), the Malvinas Islands, Puerto Madryn and Montevideo.

Among the ship’s itineraries, the opportunity to make various routes through Antarctica and Cape Horn will also be offered. Each one of them, lasting 16 days, will dedicate four days of scenic winding around the Antarctic Peninsula and will reach destinations such as Punta Arenas, Ushuaia, Cape Horn, the Malvinas Islands and Montevideo. In addition, the trip does not end once the cruise ends, as passengers can combine it with shore excursions to the legendary Iguazu Falls and Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the World today.

On the other hand, the Pacific Princess will circumnavigate the continent on a 92-day cruise from Sydney to Brisbane, Australia, with nights on board in Tahiti, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro (coinciding with the Carnival festivities) and Lima, as well as visit some more remote corners, among them Rapa Nui, known as Easter Island and Ilhabela, the largest island in Brazil.