Ponant is associated with National Geographic

The French company of luxury expedition cruises, Ponant Cruises and the prestigious publication National Geographic, have signed an agreement to offer an even more immersive experience in their expedition trips from 2019.


This association reaffirms the values ​​they have in common: spirit of adventure, passion for exploration and respect for the environment. In this way, Ponant also highlights that this alliance with National Geographic reaffirms its expeditionary soul combined with an approach based on responsible tourism.


During these trips, the guests of Ponant will be able to travel along with experts from National Geographic, some of the most remote destinations on the planet. On each cruise an expert and a photographer will travel on board to share their knowledge and enrich these trips with high-level conferences and more informal meetings. Ponant travelers can, while enjoying the luxury of their ships, see the world through the lens of a National Geographic photographer and benefit from their knowledge, it will be the opportunity to learn new photography techniques.

“National Geographic brings a network of experts, photographers and researchers sponsored by the National Geographic Society, while Ponant brings the best luxury expedition experience in the world, associated with the most fleet

innovative expedition ships capable of navigating all regions of the world, “said Jean Enmanuel Sauvee, President of Ponant Cruises.


StarClass Cruises, representative in Spain and Portugal of Ponant Cruises, offers through the travel agencies the 18 cruises available for now and will be expanded to 130 in destinations such as: Antarctic, Arctic, Oceanic, Indian Ocean, Northern Europe or Caribbean from on September 15, 2019 until August 19, 2020.


National Geographic will donate part of its profits to the National Geographic Society, which supports researchers and experts who are dedicated to protecting and preserving the planet and its diverse species and populations.


Ponant Cruises has inaugurated during 2018, two of its new exploration vessels, Le Champlain and Le Laperouse, which come to join its current fleet of five ships. During 2019 and 2020, it will welcome four new explorers that together with the revolutionary hybrid icebreaker (powered by Natural-Electric Gas) that will arrive in 2021 and with the name of Le Commandant Charcot, will make of Ponant Cruises the fleet of expedition cruises more innovative and modern of the world.