Pilots propose measures to improve air safety

Proposes to create a plan of action against the ‘Brexit’ and create a multimodal body in accident investigation

The Official College of Pilots of Commercial Aviation (COPAC) has transferred to the Government Presidency a series of proposals related to air transport and improving the efficiency and safety of air operations so that they can be analyzed and promoted in the next term.

The Copac notes that, despite the importance of the sector, none of the parties include references to this in their electoral programs. Regarding the economic part, the collegiate body of pilots defends the need to develop a strategic plan for national air transport, taking advantage of synergies with other industries, such as tourism, and empowering national airlines to generate employment.

In addition, it proposes to have an action plan that alleviates the effects of the ‘Brexit’ with the national air transport and on the national operators that can potentially lose their community status.

From the preventive point of view, the Copac also proposes to improve the functioning of the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) both in its organization, management and provision, and in the tasks of inspection of air operations, fundamental to guarantee operational safety Likewise, it is proposed to create a Civil Pilots Corps in the Ministry of Public Works.

In a statement, he also insists on the need to review the current accident investigation model and create a multimodal and independent organization, which has the necessary resources, adopt a systemic research model and issue recommendations that contribute effectively to prevention. and the improvement of the security of all means of transport.