Peru received 2.7 million foreign tourists in 2018

During 2018, more than 2.7 million foreign tourists visited Peru, according to the study prepared by the Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Export and Tourism (Promperú) ‘Profile of the Foreign Tourist 2018’.

The analysis shows that the main reason for visiting the country is vacations, followed by business and visits to family members. As for the most visited departments, Lima (68%), Cuzco (51%), Tacna (33%), Puno (25%) and Arequipa (22%) stand out.

The average expenditure of foreign tourists has risen to $ 1,1013 (903.7 euros) from $ 988 (881.4 euros) in 2017, an increase driven by the higher spending of younger generations.

The average length of stay is ten nights in which tourists visited about three departments. In 2017, this type of tourist stayed one night less.