Passport scanning on mobile for international flights

American Airlines passengers can scan their passports in their mobile application when they register for international flights, as announced by the airline, which offers its customers more fluid access to their flights.

American Airlines is the first airline to offer passport chip scanning that securely transmits passport information directly from the near field communication (NFC) chip integrated in the passport.

This allows customers to go directly to the boarding gate for international flights without a passenger having to recheck their passports.

Currently, customers who leave on international flights that register in the application are re-verified their passports at the airport. This step is necessary even if the client has uploaded a photo of their passport through the mobile application.

With this new enhancement, the customer will be asked to enter their passport information and then scan their passport with an iOS or Android device. The application provides easy to follow instructions for the process.

Mobile passport scanning is the latest in a long list of new customer features that American has implemented in the airline application to facilitate customer travel.

Other recent presentations include shipping notifications, Siri shortcuts and a dark mode option. American has also implemented additional services to improve travel experiences, including international biometric approach, virtual 3D tours of online aircraft, a self-service kiosk menu that simplifies the registration process and an improved approach to family seats, which guarantees that adults and children under 14, when traveling together in the same reserve, feel together. «