Palma de Mallorca Airport records the best November in its history with more than one million passengers

The Airport of Palma de Mallorca has registered the best November in its history with more than one million passengers, specifically 1,015,210, with a growth of 7.8 percent. This fact is mainly due to the improvement of connectivity in the winter season months.

As reported by Aena in a statement, the airport currently has 149 routes, 16 more than it had during the previous winter season.

By markets, domestic traffic is the one that added more passengers last month, with 528,810 passengers and an increase of 8.7 percent. Germany increased its passengers by 7.7 percent, with 302,700, and the United Kingdom added 67,850 travelers, a figure that is 0.7 percent more than the November of the previous year.

As for aircraft operations, the airport managed last month 9,833 flights between take-offs and landings, up 13.6%.


The Airport of Palma has recorded in these eleven months of the year 28,109,173 passengers, 3.5 percent more than those registered in the same period of 2017, reaching a historic figure for the airport.

Specifically, on November 25 it was possible to overcome all traffic in 2017 (27,962,996 travelers) and the next day 28 million passengers were reached.

It should be noted that so far this year the average increase in passengers in the winter months has been 12 percent, in the interim months it has been 3 percent and in the central months of the summer it was 1 percent.