Oceania Cruises program its new round the world for 2021

It will cover 180 days, 44 countries, six continents and three oceans

Oceania Cruises has announced its new trip around the world for 2021 for adventurous travelers who want to visit every corner of the planet in a 180-day trip in which a total of 44 countries will be visited in the renovated flagship.

This round the world will offer a unique trip across six continents, covering more than 39,000 nautical miles in three oceans and 44 seas while visiting 100 ports of call in 44 countries. It will depart from Miami on January 9, 2021 and culminate in New York City on July 9 of that same year.

Around the world includes five exclusive events on land for guests who can enjoy the mysteries of Istanbul, the famous Alpemare Beach Resort in Livorno, a private concert in Dublin, a Makahimi party in Hawaii, or an immersion in the style of aboriginal life in Brisbane (Australia).

This trip also offers a wide variety of optional excursions lasting from one to three nights including Bagan temples, the Taj Mahal, the Himalayan Kingdom, Luxor and the pyramids, or ancient and traditional Spain.