Nuevo Fiat 500 Jolly Spiaggina Icon-e en Hertz Italia

Hertz Italia offers the authentic driving experience of an electric car this summer with the Fiat 500 Jolly Spiaggina Icon-e from Garage Italia, an adaptation of the 1960s classic
Hertz Italia presents its exclusive collaboration with the emblematic car design house Garage Italia

This new collaboration offers Hertz customers unforgettable experiences ‘Made in Italy’, with the expansion of the collection ‘Selezione Italia’

This new Fiat 500 reinterprets the Swinging Spiaggina of the 60s, turning it into a completely electric classic for the future

Hertz Italia has just presented the latest novelty of its ‘Selezione Italia’ (Italian collection) with the launch of an electric and personalized version of the classic of the 1960s, the Fiat 500 Jolly Spiaggina Icon-e. This exclusive model is born of the alliance with the emblematic house of automobile design Garage Italia.

Thanks to this collaboration, Hertz Italia offers its customers the unique opportunity to rent, this summer, an electric version of a motorsport classic adapted to the new times. An extraordinary experience that combines the best of the classic engine and the automotive design, with the modern touch of Garage Italia.

Hertz has chosen the Fiat 500 Icon-e from Garage Italia as the perfect acquisition for the summer season in Italy. Following the style of the vintage Fiat 500, adapted to become a daring eco-friendly convertible, the Spiaggina incorporates a rear-drive electric motor, seats upholstered by hand with natural fabrics, a bodywork and classic exterior finish, offering a unique vehicle and the highest range.

Already available in the fleet of Hertz Italia, this new vehicle joins the already wide range of the successful ‘Selezione Italia’, which offers the best and most emblematic ‘Made in Italy’ cars, together with a personalized and unbeatable customer service , to enjoy a unique automotive experience at the highest level.

Massimiliano Archiapatti, Managing Director of Hertz Italia said: «We are very proud of this new initiative with Garage Italia, which offers our customers the opportunity to enjoy driving an electric version, made to measure, of the Fiat 500, a sample of the authentic Italian style. ‘Selezione Italia’ is much more than a rental offer, it is a philosophy, it is the way in which we honor the relationship with our customers. In Italy we are proud of our traditions and our clear cultural orientation to praise design, fashion, gastronomy, art and, above all, hospitality – all this is what ‘Selezione Italia’ means. We are constantly searching for new driving experiences for our customers and with Garage Italia we can offer them something unique «.

Enrico Vitali, CEO of Garage Italia, says: «For Garage Italia it is a great opportunity to be able to launch with Hertz a new line of business linked to the Icon-e project. In a perfect combination of tradition and modernity, innovative design and craftsmanship join technological innovation and electric renovation, in the name of style and sustainability. »

For his part, Vincent Gillet, vice president of international marketing Hertz said: «In this first collaboration of Hertz with Garage Italy, we wanted to create a representative product, which embodies the character of the ‘Selezione Italia’ and offer our customers an experience Exclusive, unique and of the highest quality. This is an acquisition for the ‘Selezione Italia’, truly exciting, but we still have a lot to offer. Do not miss the news we will offer in this space. »

The ‘Selezione Italia’ now includes the following models:

Abarth 595 Competizione e Turismo.
Abarth 124 Spider.
Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.
Alfa Romeo Stelvio.
Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce.
Alfa Romeo 4C.
Fiat 500 Cabrio
Fiat 500 Jolly «Spiaggina» Icon-e from Garage Italia.
Fiat 124 Spider.
Maserati Ghibli
Maserati Levante and Maserati Levante Limited Edition Hertz.
Maserati Quattroporte.

Customers who choose the ‘Selezione Italia’ will be able to enjoy the guaranteed brand and model program – the reserved vehicle will be the one they receive and drive – in addition to an exclusive and personal service specially dedicated to offering a rental experience at the highest level.

The ‘Selezione Italia’ is part of Hertz ‘commitment to offer its customers a wide selection of premium and luxury vehicles, with tailor-made experiences in all its markets. A few months ago Hertz also launched the ‘British Collection’ in the United Kingdom – a premium rental service, which included a set of ‘Best-of-British’ services and products, with vehicles such as the Land Rover Discovery Sport and the Jaguar F Pace, E Pace, XE and XF.

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