Norwegian Cruise Line presents the “Free the Beat” program

The cruise line partners with Andy Grammer, Family Affair Productions and Warner Chappell Music to organize the brand’s first global music library

Norwegian Cruise Line, the great innovator when it comes to cruise travel, today announced the “Free the Beat” program, a platform where the best composers, artists, talents and creators of the music industry will enjoy freedom to Develop content for the brand’s first global music library, inspired by the most beautiful destinations in the world.

As part of the new initiative, the company will partner with leaders of the music industry to select exclusive content that will be enhanced through various channels for the public, including aboard the fleet of 16 ships. From holding exclusive cruises for composers to revealing unpublished uncut tracks from world-renowned music companies, such as Family Affair Productions and Warner Chappell Music, this program will create the company’s first global music library. This initiative will also serve to improve the passenger experience, bringing cruise ships to life with on-board playlists inspired by destinations visited on board the ships of the shipping company.

The artist and composer Andy Grammer, awarded with several platinum records and whose song “Good to be Alive (Hallelujah)” can be heard in one of the latest NCL announcements, will host the first cruise for the brand’s composers. As part of the initiative, other select musicians will also be invited to navigate aboard the newly renovated Norwegian Joy on a seven-day trip to Alaska from Seattle, with the aim of inspiring content creation through top-notch experiences who will live on board and on land in the destinations they visit.

“The place you are in influences the art that emerges from within you,” said Andy Grammer, artist and composer awarded with several platinum records. “Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to be able to participate in trips to write all over the world, and I can’t think of a better place than Alaska to be inspired and created. I am excited to be part of this incredible program with Norwegian Cruise Line, and I am dying to get on board your first cruise for composers in order to start your first world music library, ”he concluded.

During the cruise, composers will have the opportunity to enjoy the freedom and flexibility offered by cruising with NCL through its variety of innovative experiences. Among the offers included on board is the only race track and the only outdoor laser tag circuit on the high seas in the world; more than 30 dining options and rooms; Broadway-style entertainment and design elements that bring passengers closer to the beauty of the ocean, such as The Waterfront, a quarter-mile deck with restaurants; and outdoor rooms; In addition to the Observation Room, which offers clear views of 180 degrees.

“Our goal is to offer meaningful experiences to our passengers and take advantage of new and innovative ways to connect with them,” said Meg Lee, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Norwegian Cruise Line. «Music is a universal way of communicating with people, and the” Free the Beat “program will allow us to improve our stories with exclusive content created for us and inspired by the places where we take our passengers. We are looking forward to partnering with the best in the sector to grow our global library with music that suits our brand, connect passengers with the almost 300 destinations we visit and show it around the world, ”confirmed Meg Lee himself.

The first cruise for composers will take place in August aboard Norwegian Joy, with the help of Andy Grammer and Family Affair Productions. The seven-day trip to Alaska will depart from Seattle and stop at Ketchikan, Juneau and Icy Strait Point (Alaska), as well as in Victoria (British Columbia). The second cruise will be announced later this year and will be carried out in collaboration with Warner Chappell Music.

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