Norwegian Cruise Line earns 843 million in 2018, 25.6% more

Norwegian Cruise Line Holding (NCL) obtained a net profit of 954.8 million dollars (843 million euros) during 2018, which represents an improvement of 25.6% over the previous year, according to data published on Thursday by the American shipping company.

The turnover reached 6,100 million dollars (5,383 million euros) in 2018, 12.2% more. Its turnover was driven by the improvement of reservations and the 3.4% increase in unit revenue per passenger. During 2018, it moved 4.25 million cruise passengers, 14.4% more.

The shipping company increased its offer on sailing days by 8.5% with the addition of its ‘Norwegian Bliss’ fleet in April 2018 and ‘Norwegian Joy’ in April 2017, together with the increase in prices.

In the last quarter, it earned 154.6 million dollars (136.4 million euros), 56.6%, while revenues reached 1,381 million dollars (1,218 million euros), 10.5% more .

The gross operating result (Ebitda) reached 1,800 million dollars (1,588 million euros), which represents an increase of 16.2% compared to a year earlier.

On the cost side, they reached 3,377 million dollars (2,980 million euros), which is 10.2% more than a year ago. The fuel item increased by 8.7% to 292.7 million dollars (258.2 million euros). The adjusted net cost per cruise per day sailing, excluding fuel, was 2.9%.

At December 31, the planned capital expenditures will amount to 3,500 million dollars (3,087 million euros) by 2021 – at the rate of 1,200 million dollars this year, 1,200 million dollars in 2020 and 700 million dollars in 2021–.

“We rely on our forecasts for 2019 and later as we have laid the basis for the quantified growth of our capacity by improving our growth profile until 2027, with new acquisitions announced in our three brands, which now total eleven ships, and that allows us to expand our national and international presence and further diversify our products to continue making important returns to our shareholders, “says the company.