Norwegian carried 1.1 million passengers in March, 61% less, for the Covid-19

Norwegian transported 1.1 million passengers in March, which is 61% less than the same month of 2019, as reported by the company on Monday, which stressed that its traffic data was affected by the coronavirus pandemic after travel restrictions imposed by governments.

The load factor of the Norwegian airline stood at 71.6% in March, a figure almost 14 points lower than that of March 2019. Total capacity (in AKO terms) decreased by 53% in the interannual rate in March, while that total passenger traffic (measured in PKT) contracted 60%.

In the face of the Covid-19 outbreak and the «dramatic» drop in demand, Norwegian adapted its flight schedule several times over the past month. Thus, on March 10, it reduced the planned capacity by around 15%, and six days later adjusted it again to 85%, with the majority of cancellations taking place from March 25.

In March, Norwegian operated 77% of scheduled flights as well as multiple rescue flights, and continued to maintain a basic and indispensable regional flight schedule.

«The speed of the Covid-19 global outbreak throughout March had a profound impact on the entire Norwegian network as cancellations _ in line with global travel alerts and falling demand_ were implemented throughout the month Norwegian operated multiple rescue flights on behalf of governments to ensure thousands of Scandinavian passengers could safely return to their homes, «said the airline’s CEO, Jacob Schram.