No hotel in Playa de Palma advances its closure due to the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook

Playa de Palma hotels close September with an occupancy rate of 85%, two points below that in September 2018

No hotel in Playa de Palma will anticipate the end of the season as a result of the bankruptcy of British tour operator Thomas Cook, as reported on Wednesday by the Association of Hoteliers Playa de Palma (AHPP), despite ensuring that they still “continue to quantify the millionaire losses “that this fact has had for establishments in the area.

In a statement, the AHPP has indicated that 60 percent of the hotels in Playa de Palma had places contracted with Thomas Cook, although the bankruptcy of this company has not caused any progress in closing these establishments.

On the other hand, they have reported that these hotels have closed the month of September with an occupation of 85 percent, two points below that in the same period of the previous year. In addition, they have said that last month “has been the worst September of the last four years.”

Specifically, 5-star hotels have had an occupancy of 88 percent, while 4-star hotels have registered 85 percent; those of 3 stars, 83 percent; and those of 2 stars, 89 percent.

They also point out that the occupancy forecasts for October are 65 percent, when in 2018 the figure was 72.25 percent. It is also expected that in November there will be a lower figure, when forecasting an occupation of 50 percent, compared to 52.53 percent in November 2018.

On the other hand, the Association has highlighted the “strong dependence on the German market” and has pointed out that, in September, 67 percent of the clients that stayed at Playa de Palma came from Germany. Despite this, they added that there is “a great diversification in terms of markets” and 5 percent of the visitors were British, 3 percent were Dutch, 2.5 percent Spanish; and 2.4 percent, Swiss.

The Hotel Association of Playa de Palma is formed by 107 establishments. They have a total of 33,242 hotel beds of the 268,816 that exist in Mallorca.