Nearly 750,000 tourists will travel through Spain in a motorhome this year, according to the employers

Only in August the sector will move 450,000 tourists in Spain, with an income of 255 million

This year 250,000 motorhomes will move through Spain with an average occupation of three people, so it is estimated that 750,000 tourists will do so in the total of the year, of them close to half a million visitors in August alone, according to the figures handled by the Spanish Association of the Industry and Commerce of caravanning (Aseicar).

Of the total of 250,000 motor homes planned on our roads this month, 30,000 are vehicles registered in the country – the total fleet is 45,000 – in a booming sector among residents.

Only in the month of August will circulate 150,000 motorhomes in the Peninsula, with an average of 17 days en route and a daily cost per vehicle of 100 euros, which means a disbursement of more than 250 million euros.

The association maintains that caravanning tourism is becoming “an important source of income especially for campsites, small town halls with overnight areas, supermarkets, restaurants and local businesses”.

This trend is reflected in the increase in motorhome registrations so far in 2018: 12% compared to the same period of 2017 – with 3,621 units registered in the first semester – and a 352% increase over the same period of 2013. Each year about 4,000 caravans are registered in Spain.

To this is added, that another 50,000 caravans will occupy 60% of the plots of the national campsites. In fact, caravan tourism will increase up to 40% this summer, compared to the summer period of 2017, according to forecasts of the ‘online’ comparator


“This ‘boom’ that the sector is experiencing is changing the profile of the caravanning fan,” says Aseicar, who explains that until recently the Spanish motorhome sector was overwhelmed by marriages over 55 years old with high purchasing power and leisure time. .

However, they maintain that now there are more and more families under 45 years old and with children who tend to enjoy the purchased or rented motorhome.

Regarding the general profile of the caravanista, the association indicates that it is similar to that of the camper, so it tends to be made up of families from 30 to 50 years old with children up to 16 years old and older couples over 55 years old.

The president of Aseicar, José Manuel Jurado, says that little by little, it is becoming clear in Spain that “caravanning is a quality tourism, which generates significant income and moves millions of tourists”. “We are working to position the sector at the level of other European countries such as France or Germany,” he concluded.