MSC Cruises will eliminate its single use plastics from its fleet in 2019

MSC Cruises has announced this Thursday its commitment to eliminate single-use plastics from its entire fleet worldwide and to introduce sustainable alternatives, if available, within its environmental management program.

According to this program, by the end of March 2019 MSC Cruises will have gradually and effectively removed a large amount of plastic items from all its naval operations and on land, such as bags, spoons or wrappings, and replaced them with products ecological

As a first step, the Company has already taken measures to replace, by the end of this year, all plastic straws with 100% compostable and biodegradable substitute products.

Over the years, MSC Cruises has taken several steps to maintain this commitment within the framework of its global environmental management program. All MSC Cruises ships have been systematically prepared for this program and are equipped with recycling facilities and waste management systems, in addition to being reviewed by an empowered team of environmental officers.