MSC Cruises invests in the Italian terminal of Trieste in order to use it as a base port in 2020

Start the construction of the ‘MSC Seashore’, which will enter service in the spring of 2021

MSC Cruises has announced the purchase of a significant stake in the company Trieste Adriaticn Marine Initiatives, a strategic ‘holding’ of the cruise terminal in the Italian city, an investment with which the shipping company seeks to develop its operations as a base port from summer of 2020.

In a statement, the shipping company indicates that its investment in the Trieste Terminal Passeggeri (TTP) cruise terminal will support the company’s long-term objective of providing improved and uninterrupted experiences for cruise passengers from the time of embarkation.

MSC Cruises, with headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland), has a fleet of 15 ships currently and an expansion plan worth 13,600 million euros to expand it to 29 ships in the year 2027. To date, the shipping company has designed six new kinds of large boats.

The cruise ship has announced today that the ship ‘MSC Seashore’, whose construction has started today, will enter service in the spring of 2021. It will have the improved ‘MSC Yacht Club’ concept that will occupy three bow decks and 200 additional staterooms, for a total offer of 2,270 cabins in total. It will be the largest within this class, with a total capacity for up to 5,632 passengers.


This Monday began its manufacture in the shipyards of Fincantieri, located in Monfalcone (Italy), where the CEO of MSC Cruises, Pierfrancesco Vago, and the general director of the shipyard, Giuseppe Bono, have cut the first piece of steel of this new boat, which will be the seventh in this plan and the nineteenth built by the shipping company since its founding in 2003.

According to the information provided by the shipping company, the construction of this new ship will require more than 10 million hours of labor and more than 4,000 shipyard employees will participate in its construction.

The start of its construction is another milestone in the ten-year development plan of the shipping company and the sector. In just 18 months it will be joined by a second ship ‘Seaside EVO’, which will enter service in the autumn of 2020. Thus MSC Cruises has 17 new ships, four of them being manufactured simultaneously at present.