MSC Cruises brings together nine chefs in its World Cruise 2019 to offer a “unique” gourmet experience

MSC Cruises will bring together nine chefs with up to three Michelin stars in their upcoming MSC World Cruise 2019 to offer their passengers a “unique” gourmet dining experience. The cruise ship will sail from Barcelona on January 7 and will visit 32 different countries for 119 days, the shipping company reported.

The chefs that will participate in this cruise, the first of the company to go around the world, are Ramón Freixa, Vikas Hkanna, Carlo Cracco, Jean-Philipe Maury, Roy Yamaguchi, Jereme Leung, Allan Vila Espejo, Jorge Rausch and Serge Dansereau .

These chefs will create their own dishes specially designed for the passengers of MSC ‘Cruises’, based on the flavors and roots of their country of origin.

The menus will have between three and four dishes for passengers to enjoy the course of a single night dedicated to its cuisine. Most of the chefs will embark on board during a part of the cruise with their team of professionals to work on the preparation of their creations. The shipping company has reservations available for the 2020 edition of this cruise.