MSC Cruises begins the repair of the accident ship in Venice

MSC Crucreros received on Monday the permission of the authorities to begin the repairs of the ‘MSC Opera’, the damaged ship against a dock on the Giudecca canal in Venice.

At the moment, the company has not determined when the works will be completed and, because the investigation of the incident is spreading «more than expected», has decided to cancel the current cruise until the beginning of the next itinerary and reimburse each passenger the cost of the ticket and any prepaid service.

However, the boat will be available to all passengers wishing to remain on board while in Venice and until the end of the scheduled cruise, as all on-board services and the entertainment offer will continue to operate. Meanwhile, those who decide to return MSC will provide transportation assistance and will bear the costs.

The ship is scheduled to leave Venice on Friday 7th and stop in Bari on Saturday, to continue sailing as scheduled.

The ‘MSC Opera’ performed the docking maneuver on Sunday in Venice when it hit a tourist boat, the ‘Michelangelo’, and the pier of San Basilio-Zattere. In this accident, two people were slightly injured and two others were taken to a hospital as a precaution.