MP Hotels, the fastest growing hotel chain

In four years it has managed to consolidate itself as the eighth hotel chain with the highest turnover in Spain

In just 4 years, the Meeting Point Hotels chain has far exceeded its growth expectations and has established itself as one of the leaders in the sector, having up to 5 different brands with more than 70 properties in 11 countries. Such has been its progression that MP Hotels currently occupies the eighth position in the ranking of hotel chains with the highest turnover in Spain according to Hosteltur. It has specialized in remodeling old and emblematic establishments to reincorporate them with resounding success in the market as they did with the Design Plus Bex Hotel, former Foreign Bank of Spain.

Change, reinvent, evolve. Everyone at some point in their life has that need to do things differently in order to grow, including companies. That has been the process experienced by Meeting Point Hotels since its creation 4 years ago and which has placed it as one of the most powerful chains in the sector. Only in 2018 he managed to create three new brands, Design Plus Hotels, Lemon & Soul Hotels and Kairaba Hotels & Resorts. In addition, since 2019 it also has the new Club Sei, which added to its standard-bearer LABRANDA Hotels & Resorts make up the company’s portfolio.

The development of these 5 distinctive brands is a sign of the hotel group’s ambitious growth objective, since each of them has its own personality designed to seduce a specific market segment and satisfy the needs of the entire public.

In just 4 years he has added more than 70 properties in 11 countries. The Spanish market is one of the most important for the company, since it owns approximately half of the total number of establishments in the Canary Islands. Juan José Calvo, CEO of MP Hotels Spain, highlights this stage «the important effort made in an attempt to take greater advantage of the existing diversity in the current competitive hotel market».

Located all the resorts in the main holiday destinations, Meeting Point Hotels is fully dedicated to serving its customers with a smile and offering authentic experiences with a very local touch of the destination.

Whether couples, just travelers, families or groups of friends looking to enjoy the sun, or are lovers of sports, are interested in culture or simply want to taste the local cuisine, the chain has the perfect option for each of them. Because the famous phrase of Dorothy Gale in the Wizard of Oz «there is no place like home», it becomes almost a maxim for MP Hotels that seeks travelers to be at home in each and every one of their establishments.