MP Hotels expands its brand portfolio with ‘Club Sei’ and announces the management of three new resorts

MP Hotels has announced the development of Club Sei, a club concept that is characterized by offering a comprehensive experience; an offer intended for those travelers and families of today who seek to enjoy a personalized and contemporary tourist experience in an interesting beach destination.

Club Sei is based on eight pillars meticulously designed to satisfy the modern traveler in everything he wants to find during his holidays; experiences that are halfway between the digital and the nomadic, experiences With the addition of Club Sei, MP Hotels aims to lay the foundations of a completely innovative club concept that will allow guests to create and live their own stories. The hotel group will inaugurate this revolutionary tourism concept during the 2019-2020 season with two hotels in Turkey and one in Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands (Spain).

private as well as social, active sports combined with relaxing therapies, spacious rooms, gastronomic spaces designed as if they were a walk through a market and personalized activities with which to delight audiences of all ages.

“I am very excited about the launch of Club Sei and the potential it represents, as it revives the more traditional club concept while attracting new generations and the modern traveler,” said Roula Jouny, CEO of MP Hotels. and General Director of GRUPO FTI. “We have collaborated with renowned Dr. Cem Kinay, brain and founder of Magic Life, to create a fresh brand and meet the needs of consumers in a new era. We are confident that Club Sei will lay the foundations for the new era of Clubs. “

The brand is designed to attract this multitude of young and energetic people who are looking for an experiential resort that not only embraces the present but also has an eye on the future.

MP Hotels also announced the incorporation of three establishments that will function as Club Sei. The infrastructures are there and these hotels will start operating consecutively under the new brand during the 2019-2020 season: Club Sei Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands (Spain), Club Sei Belek, on the Turkish Riviera, and Club Sei Marmaris, on the Turkish coast of the Aegean Sea.

The Sei Marmaris Club, with 281 rooms, is located at the foot of the green mountains that adorn this seductive area of ​​Turkey, with access to a pristine beach. Among the facilities and attractions offered by this complex are a swimming pool, private beach and breakwater, a spa and various water activities. For its part, the Sei Belek Club, with 772 rooms, is located on the coast of the beautiful Turkish Riviera; this complex has 11 swimming pools, a wide variety of restaurants and bars, water slides and private beach. The choice of both establishments is due to the fact that they offer the perfect environment in which MP Hotels will be able to exhibit this innovative brand. The data of the Club Sei Lanzarote is expected to be revealed later.

According to Jouny, “the hotel market is increasingly segmented. In order to maintain our position of strength and become a true market leader in this highly competitive sector, we have to offer those products that our target audience longs for. And that is exactly what Club Sei offers: the opportunity for our guests to personalize their stays, have freedom and immerse themselves in the local culture “.

What is CLUB SEI?

To create Club Sei, 8 pillars were taken into account, that is, a kind of cornerstones on which the brand is based, an integral part of its DNA and its ambitious mission.

These 8 cornerstones are the following: Social Steward and Convincent Service, Food and Entertainment, Sports and Fashion, Learning and Co-Working, Wellness and Fitness, Agriculture, Exploration of the environment from the perspective of a villager and Estancia y Arte. With each of these concepts it is intended that the brand focuses on everything that is important to the guest and, at the same time, that these cornerstones work synchronously and organized to create a truly unique experience.

Each of these pillars focuses on a fundamental aspect for our visitors and is inspired by both current trends and those that are to come. This concept aims to celebrate the reality of our target client: one who sees life as an opportunity for integral personal growth achieved through travel.

Our social pillar will make use of both the butler service in person and a digital application that is still in the development phase and with which guests will be offered tailored and personalized experiences. The pillar of gastronomy and entertainment will be based on the traditional concept, but will also give a modern touch to the classic dishes and offer a complete culinary experience within spaces conceived as a Bazaar market, in which the guest will also enjoy music and entertainment. The agricultural pillar of Club Sei constitutes a guarantee that our guests will consume fresh ingredients; it will work in consonance with gastronomy and entertainment. On the other hand, the brand will use the pillar of “exploration and discovery of the environment from the perspective of a local” to offer a balance between its cosmopolitan essence and the community it serves; in this way Club Sei will offer guests a base so that they can discover the environment and enter the destination in the same way as if they were members of their local community.

The pillar of learning and co-working is a commitment to the guests, so that each hotel will have open and comfortable places where the guest can put their intellectual concerns into practice or participate in classes and events that are of their own. interest. Also, the wellness and fitness pillar will show a balance between physical activity and a combination of relaxing body treatments. This pillar is closely linked to sports and fashion, which highlights the desire of our brand to offer our guests the opportunity to exercise and, at the same time, set trends. Finally, the pillar of stay and art is a wink with which to express guests who are going to enter a space characterized by their artistic sensibility and design.

What is Meeting Point Hotels?

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