“Move Beyond”, the new commitment of Cathay Pacific

The premium airline of Hong Kong announces its current philosophy with the aim of leading the aviation sector

Cathay Pacific presents its new philosophy under the motto “Move Beyond”. The betting airline, through the development of a pioneering culture that urges to go beyond what is established, for progress and to continue promoting the connection of people, places and experiences with the aim of becoming one of the best companies in the world. aeronautical industry.

Cathay Pacific is characterized by innovation and ambition, the airline has overcome the limits of long distance travel, being the first to introduce new markets and directly connect Hong Kong with destinations around the world, such as Spain – where the airline offers the largest non-stop connection to Asia. It has currently experienced an unprecedented expansion rate and, since 2018, has launched 12 new routes and has incorporated the new Airbus A350-1000 aircraft model, an aircraft at the forefront of technology. And, now he wants to go one step further.

In the words of Rupert Hogg, executive director: “In the last seven decades we have grown to become one of the most important airlines in the world, and our goal now is to continue advancing to become one of the best service brands in the world” “For us, it means having an ambitious leadership mentality, we choose to open and lead a path of progress, which shows that we continue with the commitment to deliver a personalized service that will excite people and never remain quiet,” Rupert said.

 The essential pillars of “Move Beyond”

The new philosophy of Cathay Pacific relies on three fundamental pillars to provide passengers with a quality experience.

Consideration: take care of customers, from the place of origin to the place of destination. The airline strives to understand the demands of passengers and help them on their journey.

Progress: Inspired by Asian culture, Cathay Pacific offers modern, forward-thinking attitudes and ideas to its clients in a simple way. In this context, the use of technology makes customer trips easy and enjoyable.

Trust: the spirit of “I can do it” inspires confidence among the passengers, who develop a feeling of positivity and determination.

Cathay Pacific applies “Move Beyond” to its services

Cathay Pacific strives to provide its customers with an enhanced experience at each stage of their journey and, therefore, the new philosophy also materializes by offering services. Cathay Pacific has implemented a lot of improvements: introduced new seats, installed wifi on most of the aircraft of the long-distance fleet, periodically updated contents of entertainment on board, improved offers of food and beverages in all classes. In addition, the company has one of the youngest fleets in the world, a network improvement plan and the reopening of a lounge at the Shanghai Pudong airport.