Motorhome tourism wins fans and sets its sales record

New sales record in June with more than 1,000 motor homes sold

Motorhome tourism wins fans and sets its sales record

Motorhome tourism gains adherents and sets a new sales record in Spain in recent months, in fact our country receives a total of 250,000 motor homes a year, according to the Spanish Association of Industry and Commerce of Caravaning (Aseicar) confirming the Good moment of the sector.

This June has registered a new sales record in Spain with more than 1,000 motorhomes sold, the best figure since the registration of registrations began in 2007. This positive data will be perceived again next October with the celebration of the 34th edition of the International Caravaning Exhibition that will feature more than a hundred participating companies that will show more than 600 vehicles on display.

According to data from the Spanish Association of Caravaning during this period, 1,007 motor homes have been registered, 10.6% more than in the same period last year. The figure also includes 244 new ‘campers’, with a 16.2% increase over a year ago. Since 2014, new motorhome registrations have grown by 445%, which demonstrates the caravanning boom in Spain.

The rent is also optimistic and for the second consecutive year the demand is exceeding the existing supply. In this sense, only in the months of May and June, rental motorhome reservations represent more than 80% of this type of vehicles during the summer.
According to the director of the International Caravanning Salon, Josep Antoni Llopart, «these data demonstrate the main trends in the sector: the motorhome continues to grow year after year and is confirmed as the favorite vehicle for consolidated caravanists, while the ‘camper’ is imposed as main route of entry to the sector, especially of young families «.

It is estimated that 250,000 motor homes travel through Spain every year with an average occupancy of three people per vehicle, which is an estimated 750,000 people in total. In the month of August alone, 200,000 motorhomes will circulate through the territory, or what is the same plus half a million people.

The International Caravaning Salon, organized by Fira de Barcelona with the support of ASEICAR and GREMCAR (the Caravaning Businessmen’s Association of Catalonia), will be located in halls 3 and 4 of the Gran Vía enclosure occupying more than 60,000 square meters of surface , with 600 vehicles on display, between motorhomes, campers and caravans, as well as the entire offer in campsites, wooden houses, modules, tent trailers, accessories, associations, entities and camping suppliers.