More than a million bags lost at airports in 2018: Tips to avoid it

Year after year, a large amount of the bags that are billed are still lost or are poorly handled every day. According to SITA’s annual report during 2018, a total of 4,270 million suitcases were handled worldwide, of which 24.8 million were handled incorrectly. This meant that 5% of the mishandled bags were lost, that is, 1.2 million bags were never recovered by their owners. In addition, 18% (about 4 and a half million bags) were damaged or stolen.

All these figures reveal an important problem for air passengers. Therefore, the experts of Flightright, leading international portal in the defense of the rights of air passengers, wanted to collect the main causes of this setback, as well as some practical advice to avoid the loss of luggage.

Among the useful tips are:

  1. Identify luggage correctly with labels on the outside.
  2. Take a picture of the exterior of the suitcase and a picture of the objects you carry inside.
  3. Arrive in time for baggage check-in. Suitcases checked at the last moment are more likely to not arrive on time.
  4. When checking the suitcase, check that the tag matches the destination code and flight number.
  5. Choose heavy-duty suitcases of good quality and replace the very worn ones. If a suitcase is broken, it is more likely that it will not reach its destination.
  6. Do not put “business” class tags to prevent theft.
  7. Get to the conveyor belt soon.
  8. Mark or point out the suitcase with something eye-catching, to identify it better.
  9. Do not bill valuables such as technology, money, or documentation.