More than 35,000 families interested in exchanging their home to travel this summer, according to GuestoGuest

More than 35,000 families around the world have registered their homes on the online platforms for exchanging vacation homes, GuesttoGuest and ExchangeCasas.

As explained by the platforms, this system is “a real revolution” in the absence of monetary exchange between the parties as it does in the case of tourist rental platforms.

In fact, the websites explain that the exchange of houses is a “legal, safe and free option to stay without the disadvantages that rental platforms are currently presenting”, among which are taxes, prohibitions or the exponential rise in the price of rent in certain cities and neighborhoods.

GuesttoGuest and Intercambiocasas ensure that using this system can save around 58% of the total budget of a trip, something that could help 34.4% of families that, according to the INE, can not afford to go on vacation outside from home at least one week a year.

The operation of the system consists, they explain, in two parts: registering the houses and contacting each other through the platform chosen to carry out a reciprocal or non-reciprocal exchange (the users are accommodated in another house without having to receive in their own nobody and in return receive points for other stays).


In Spain, the communities with the most homes registered on these platforms are Catalonia (8,600 homes), Andalucía (7,700), Comunidad Valenciana (5,500), Comunidad de Madrid (4,800) and Islas Baleares (1,600). The Spanish cities that receive the most tourists through this type of tourism are Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Seville and Granada.

They also point out that at a European level and 12% of the adult population would already be willing to exchange their home to travel, according to a recent study by Ipsos Consulting.

“Spain is the second country in the world that most uses the exchange of houses as an alternative to the traditional form of accommodation, only behind France,” they say.