A million reasons to sleep in the middle of nature

Before turning 10, pitchup.com, the leading platform for finding and booking outdoor accommodation, has registered its one millionth reserve

The total is equivalent to more than 22,000 years of travel, with 2.9 million people enjoying their holidays with the help of pitchup.com

Spain is the third preferred destination and its fourth market of origin

On the verge of turning 10 years old, Pitchup.com, the leading platform in Europe in search and reservation of outdoor accommodation, has added a new celebration: this week it has registered the reserve one million. To put into perspective what this milestone implies, suffice it to say that the total reserves amount to having traveled for almost 22,000 years and reflect that 2.9 million people have enjoyed their vacations in one of the thousands of establishments registered on the platform .

Originally founded as a directory, Pitchup.com became an online travel agency in 2010. Since then, it has not stopped growing in every way: from the barely 200 reservations completed in its first year of activity it has gone to almost 311,000 hires in 2018, which resulted in revenues of over 28 million euros. The volume of business grows and with it, the staff: of the 2 workers that made up the company in its origins, now they are 52; of them, 10 in its London headquarters and the rest, distributed in 14 countries.

And is that its international business does not stop growing, with Spain consolidated as one of its favorite markets. The first Spanish campsite was registered in 2014 and in January 2016 the platform started the translation of the site into Spanish. Currently, there are 310 registered establishments that accumulated almost 10,000 reserves last year, becoming the third favorite country for users. The Spanish public also responds positively to this formula and is already the fourth market of origin.

Now, Pitchup.com wants to reinforce its global role. Present in 62 countries with a total of 4,161 establishments, they want to continue increasing their presence in exotic destinations such as Africa, Australia or Latin America. With these new markets, they are confident that the upward trend in the number of users will continue, with more than 18.5 million visits in the last 12 months. Translated into 16 languages ​​and with 22 currencies accepted as payment, Pitchup.com is confirmed as the world’s leading outdoor accommodation platform.

The founder of Pitchup.com, Dan Yates, believes that the million reservations confirm the comfort that this platform offers users and reaffirm the strategy followed in the last 10 years. «Before, it was almost impossible to find campsites that had an online presence, let alone that they could book online. We found a niche market and began to forge a global brand that has led us to obtain bookings worldwide (from 112 countries in 2018) and with customers looking for all types of accommodation. »

Outdoor luxury establishments have been one of the distinguishing elements of the platform. The glamping establishments (glamor and camping) and other singular accommodations show that the absence of comfort in this sector is a thing of the past. The bet of Pitchup.com for these places has come to cover the needs of the new demographic groups that have discovered the experience of sleeping outdoors. «The boom in low-cost travel, the increased environmental awareness and the success of festivals among young people have encouraged many users to bet on vacations that do not remind them so much of their day-to-day life.»

Among the objectives of Yates, consolidate the weight of international business while still offering a quality service to users, who last year rated the site with a 4.7 of 5 out of 5 in Feefo, the reference website of valuations in the United Kingdom. Although it is not the clients’ only recognition; Last year it was named by the Financial Times as one of the ‘FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies’.