Mexico suspends passport issuance due to coronavirus

Mexico has suspended the issuance of passports, as part of the measures taken to combat the coronavirus pandemic, which has already entered phase two in the United States.

«The passport issuance service in all metropolitan and foreign delegations in the country will be suspended from March 27 to April 19,» the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs has indicated that the email and the telephone contact center 800 801 07 73 are available to the public to attend «accredited emergencies.»

Mexico, with five deaths and more than 400 infected, this week has entered phase two of the health crisis due to the existence of cases of local contagion, which has resulted in recommendations to avoid greetings with physical contact or the suspension of acts with more than a thousand people.

The Government of Andrés Manuel López is for the time being reluctant to adopt more drastic measures, such as those already applied by neighboring countries. For now, he has closed the border with the United States for non-essential travel and has advised staying home.