Mexico launches the construction of the ‘Mayan Train’ in the southeast of the country

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has given the starting signal last Sunday to the construction of the railway infrastructure of the ‘Mayan Train’, which will extend over 1,500 kilometers in the southeast of the country.

The leader has announced the start of work after participating in a ceremony with the Original Peoples, as reported by the news network Telesur.

The works, which are estimated to be completed in 2023, will begin with the repair of railroads that are in disuse, which belonged to an old freight train that traveled through part of the area and stopped operating due to economic problems.

López Obrador explained that most of the investment will come from the private sector, to which the Mexican government will provide a subsidy for each kilometer of railroad construction.

“We need private investment, and I take advantage of convening entrepreneurs to participate in this work,” said the president.

The ambitious project of the president seeks to promote the initiative to reactivate the economy in the southeast region of the country. This work “is above all an act of justice because it has been the most abandoned region of the country,” stressed the Mexican leader, who has indicated that there will be concessions for three types of trains: cargo, tourist and passenger.

Likewise, it has guaranteed respect for the environment given that no trees will be cut down and that the railroad will use hybrid biodiesel locomotives.