May reaffirms its objective to re-unite the country and fulfill the mandate of the ‘Brexit’ referendum

The British prime minister, Theresa May, wants to promote the union in the United Kingdom and forget the open fracture after the Brexit referendum of 2016, as stressed by his spokesman on Monday in response to the statements of the coordinator of the Conservatives in the Chamber of Common, Julian Smith, who has ensured that the parliamentary arithmetic demands a smoother Brexit and has accused of «indiscipline» to several ministers.

The deputy Julian Smith, in charge of the discipline of vote of the conservatives in the Parliament, has assured in a documentary of the BBC that, after the elections of 2017, where the ‘Tories’ lost the absolute majority, May had to have accepted » inevitably «a smoother Brexit.

After the elections of 2017 the conservatives depend on the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to keep their majority, but they have not managed to maintain the internal unity either. For Smith, May’s ministers have incurred the «worst example of indiscipline» in British political history.

May spokesman recalled that «the prime minister made clear the need to re-unite the country after the Brexit vote and the Government is also working to achieve that.» «This is a subject that causes strong emotions in deputies of all sensibilities, I think it is important that everyone in the Government continue working with the objective of carrying out the verdict of the referendum,» said the spokesman.

The British Parliament has rejected on three occasions the plan for the Brexit agreed by the British Prime Minister with the 27 in November. The House of Commons will debate this Monday and will vote on the future of the Brexit process.