Malaga recorded a “record” October with the arrival of 130,665 tourists, 7.07% more than in 2017

The data of the report of conjuncture of the National Institute of Statistics place the past month like a “record October” and without precedents since the collection of the data of hotel occupation is carried out. Likewise, it is positioned as the fourth best record with respect to other months in this historical series.

According to the INE, a total of 130,665 travelers have stayed at Malaga hotels, 7.07 percent more than in October 2017, which registered 237,265 overnight stays, 8.60 percent more than the previous year.

This growth has been due to the boom of international visitors: while the volume of domestic tourists has remained stable (+0.31 percent), arrivals of foreigners have increased by 10.53 percent compared to October 2017 and they have been responsible for 71.35 percent of registered overnight stays. The degree of occupation during the month was 86.88 percent and the average stay was 1.67 days.


These data consolidate the growth of Malaga so far this year, which has registered 1,158,364 hoteliers, 4.32 percent more than in the same period last year, and consolidate the capital of the Costa de Sol as the second urban destination in growth, behind Palma de Mallorca and ahead of Granada, Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.

This increase also doubles that of the regional average (2.01%) and is three times higher than the national average (1.20%) and the rest of the province (1.35%).

By origin, the increase in Portugal (41.12%), France (18.93%), Belgium (14.67%), Ireland (14.36%) and the Netherlands (12.59%) stand out. cent), as well as the increase of distant markets such as China (17.13 percent), Japan (16.26 percent) and the US (10.56 percent), as reported by the City Council through a statement.

In terms of domestic markets, those that have grown the most are Ceuta (83.45 percent), Canarias (32.77 percent), Islas Baleares (29.62 percent), Galicia (25.18 percent), the Valencian Community (7.68 percent) and the Basque Country (7.49 percent).

In relation to overnight stays, the total recorded from January to October in hotels in the city was 2,236,336, 5.17 percent more than in the first 10 months of 2017. It is the first time that the 38 main analyzed markets, both national and international, show growth.

The average stay was 1.95 days and the occupancy rate was 78.07 percent, being the third destination, after Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca, with the highest occupancy rate.

The 34.28 percent of overnight stays in hotels has been domestic tourists, who have increased 6.77 percent over the previous year. Meanwhile, international tourists, who have registered 65.72 percent of the remaining overnight stays, have grown by 4.35 percent.

Among the international tourists, those who registered a greater increase in overnight stays were Belgium (16.25 percent), France (13.46 percent), Finland (13.20 percent), Ireland (12.85 percent), cent), Germany (10.44 percent) and the USA (10.09 percent).

In the national market, the increase of Canarias (35.15%), Galicia (30.66%), País Vasco (29.19%), Comunidad Valenciana (16.94%) and Castilla La Mancha stand out. (16.47 percent).