Malaga closes the semester with an 8% increase in hotel overnight stays

The city of Malaga, according to the data of the Hotel Occupancy Survey of the National Statistics Institute (INE), has received between January and June 2019 a total of 678,640 hotel tourists that have generated 1,306,427 overnight stays.

Compared to the first half of last year, it represents two separate increases of 3.66 percent in the volume of visitors and 7.8 percent in hotel stays, and they keep the capital of Malaga as the second urban destination of the country that more grows so far this year, just preceded by Seville.

Thus, June continues the trend registered since the beginning of the year where the increases in overnight stays significantly exceed the variations in the volume of travelers, doubling and even (as happened in January), almost tripling the difference.

This denotes a longer average stay by those who visit the capital of Malaga, which has a direct impact on the expenditure of tourists in the city and the consequent increase in the value of the economic impact of the sector in Malaga, detailed from the City Council through a statement.

In this strategic line, it should be noted that growth also occurs in months that, traditionally, recorded a lower intensity of tourism activity, highlighting the progressive breakdown of seasonality.

In this way, they have added, it contributes to a dynamic industry that generates stable employment throughout the year. In that sense, the growth of June, of 2.81 percent, has been considerably more moderate than that of March – 11.36 percent – or April of –12.66 percent.

During the first half of the year, the average stay was 1.93 nights – 4.32 percent higher than in the same period of 2018 – and the occupancy rate has risen to 75.97 percent.

By origin, 37.71 percent of the volume of tourists have been nationals compared to foreigners, who have represented the remaining 62.29 percent. In the case of overnight stays, the proportion of nationals is 33.26 percent, and the rest of foreign travelers.

The main markets in terms of the volume of overnight stays have been: Andalusia with 12.75 percent of the total (166,582 overnight stays in absolute terms); United Kingdom with 11.10 percent (145,031 overnight stays); Madrid, 7.59 percent (99,163 overnight stays); Germany, 5.97 percent (78,037 overnight stays); France, 4.77 percent (62,306 overnight stays); The Netherlands, 4.75 percent (62,067 overnight stays); and Italy, 4.57 percent of the total (59,673 overnight stays).

Among the top 25 issuers, Austria’s growth is unleashed, with an 89.92 percent increase in overnight stays; Finland, 35.73 percent; Russia, of 26.91 percent; Denmark, of 26.25 percent; Poland, a growth of 26.02 percent; and Norway, with 24.43 percent more.


On the other hand, with regard to the month of June, the hotels in the capital of Malaga welcomed 126,865 travelers. It represents a slight decrease of 1.47 percent in the volume of tourists.

However, it did not affect overnight stays: hotel stays, 245,200 nights in total, which increased 2.81 percent, with positive records from both national and international visitors.

The average stay of 1.93 nights has increased by 15.57 percent compared to the one registered in the same month of 2018, from 1.67 nights. The occupancy rate, meanwhile, has stood at 85.42 percent, two points above that of 2018, which was 83.33 percent.

By origin, 66.35 percent of overnight stays have been of international tourists, with a growth of 3.71 percent, and the remaining 33.65 percent, national, with a slight increase of 1.09 percent .

The main markets in terms of the volume of overnight stays have been, in this order: Andalusia – which with 14.43 percent of overnight stays is the first issuing market–; the United Kingdom – with 11.25 percent of the total hotel stays -; Madrid – 7.29 percent -; Germany – 5.45 percent -; France – 4.86 percent -; United States – 4.73 percent -; and the Netherlands – with 4.62 percent of total overnight stays.

Among the main issuing markets, the growth of hotel stays in Portugal stands out with an increase of 53.99 percent; Canada, 52.69 percent; Ireland 48.31 percent; Switzerland with 27.37 percent; and the Netherlands with an increase in overnight stays of 26.44 percent.