Malaga city closes in 2019 its best tourist exercise and consolidates itself as one of the great European destinations

Malaga city has registered in 2019, from the tourist point of view, its best year. Thus, the capital reached the best figures since there are records in most of the parameters – number of visitors, overnight stays, average stay or occupancy rate – and consolidated as one of the major tourist destinations in Europe. With these figures, Malaga prepares to hold during the year 2020 the European Capital of Intelligent Tourism.

According to the data of the Hotel Occupancy Survey (EOH) of the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in the absence of the definitive data, in 2019 more than 1.4 million tourists stayed in the hotels of the city, a 2, 5 percent more than the previous year. These tourists recorded more than 2.7 million overnight stays, 5.5 percent more, thus breaking all records recorded so far.

These increases, which exceed even the most optimistic forecasts, are the result of the extraordinary performance of both the national and international markets, they have reported from the City Council through a statement.

In this sense, and even in the absence of the data for the month of December, between January and November, a total of 818,037 tourists from abroad have stayed at hotels in Malaga, 3.08 percent more than in the same period of the last year. Foreign travelers already represent 62.67 percent of the total number of tourists in the city. For its part, the number of domestic travelers has risen 2.02 percent, to 487,308. The national market accounts for 37.33 percent of the total.

On the other hand, between January and November tourists have generated 2,586,138 overnight stays, 5.98 percent more. International travelers registered 1,719,079 hotel stays, 7.46 percent more; while the Spanish generated 867,059, 3.16 percent more. The occupancy rate in this period reached 79.58 percent and the average stay was two nights.

With regard to the November data, Malaga hotels hosted a total of 107,093 travelers, 5.15 percent less. These tourists generated 203,185 stays, 0.34 percent less.


Similarly, within international markets, Ukraine is the country that is registering the highest growth in 2019 in the number of travelers staying in hotels (64.35 percent more, and a total of 2,360 travelers); followed by Lithuania (46.36 percent more, and a total of 1,629 travelers); Russia (44.18 percent more, and 12,476 travelers); and Hungary (with a growth of 38.78 percent, and a total of 2,875 travelers).

However, in absolute terms, the most important international markets for the city of Malaga in terms of the number of travelers staying in hotels remain the United Kingdom, with 123,753 travelers (9.48 percent of total travelers); Germany, with 66,956 travelers (5.13 percent of tourists arriving in Malaga); and France, with 66,063 travelers (5.06 percent of the total).


In relation to the national market, the Autonomous Communities with the highest growth during this year in the number of hotel travelers staying in Malaga have been Andalusia, with an increase of 10.10 percent (222,113 total travelers); Castilla-La Mancha, with 7.69 percent (12,318 travelers); and Extremadura, with a rise of 7.11 percent (a total of 7,051 travelers).

In absolute terms, the most important national markets for the city of Malaga remain Andalusia, with 222,113 tourists (45.58 percent of all national visitors); Madrid, with 99,125 tourists (20.34 percent of travelers); and Catalonia, with 36,995 tourists (7.59 percent of the total).