Madrid starts the procedures to open the Metro 24 hours on weekends

The Community of Madrid, through the Ministry of Transportation, has begun the procedures to open the Madrid Metro 24 hours on weekends and is analyzing what is the most feasible option to do so.

This has been done by the regional vice president, Ignacio Aguado, in an interview in ’20minutes’ and confirmed by sources from the regional government to Europa Press. «A city that is moving at night has to have an agile transport without having to play it riding in a car with a driver who has been able to drink,» said Aguado.

This measure, which Citizens had in their electoral program, could be implemented first by time slots and extended later. For the vice president, starting it up is a matter of «political will.»

As for the possible extension of some Metro lines, Aguado has assured that they will also start to start it now, and that it will foreseeably be «before Christmas». As challenges he has listed taking Line 5 to Barajas and connecting with Valdebebas, the Conde de Casal exchanger and taking Metro Line 3 to Metrosur to give a second connection with that line in Getafe.

All this, if the budget allows it because it has emphasized that the Community has «a funnel with the Government of Spain that has blocked almost 1.3 billion euros of income on account, which have not yet transferred.»