Madrid promotes audiovisual tourism in the city during Fitur 2020

The Madrid City Council participates in the second edition of Fitur Screen, the thematic section of the International Tourism Fair dedicated to the promotion of audiovisual tourism, located in Hall 4 of the fairgrounds and which can be visited from January 22 to 26, The Consistory has informed in a statement.

Through the City of Madrid Film Office, the municipal public service dedicated to promoting the city as a filming stage and assisting the producers and professionals who wish to develop their audiovisual projects in it, the City Council will be present at the FS10 stand jointly with Film Madrid, the filming promotion office of the Community of Madrid.

City of Madrid Film Office has designed for this second edition of Fitur Screen a new brochure aimed at promoting audiovisual tourism in the city, Madrid, capital of the series, where series lovers will be able to find a map and information about the locations more Iconic of eight of the most successful Spanish current series on the national and international scene, such as La casa de papel, Elite, The Ministry of Time, Velvet, Cable Girls, Shame, Gigantes, Paquita Salas and I’m alive.

Through the brochure, fans of these series will be able to visit the scenes of the city they have seen on their screens and discover spaces and anecdotes about filming.

In addition, as a nod to the past, the brochure offers additional information on the Madrid locations of some historical television series in Spain, such as Fortunata and Jacinta, Farmacia de Guardia, Family Doctor, Los Serrano, A step forward and Here There is no one alive.

To this brochure are added other materials presented in the last edition of Fitur such as the Almodóvar and Arde Madrid El Madrid routes. Through them visitors and residents of Madrid are invited to tour the city on the trail of the most known and curious locations of Pedro Almodóvar’s films, adopted son of the city, and through the spaces of the series created by Paco León and Anna R. Costa around the experiences of the American actress Ava Gardner during her years in Madrid.

On the other hand, visitors can also find at the Madrid stand in Fitur Screen the Community guide of Madrid Far West Territory, a drop-down map with four different routes through the municipalities of the Community of Madrid where some of the best known titles were recorded of the western filmed in Europe, like The good, the ugly and the bad, Death had a price, For a handful of dollars, Django, The fox or The hawk and the prey.

The map is accompanied by a detailed explanation of each of these routes and the locations presented and highlights the important cinematographic legacy of the Community of Madrid in the field of western films.


Coinciding with the launch of the two new brochures, Ciudad de Madrid Film and Film Madrid will offer a double session of talks on Wednesday, January 22, between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., in the section presentation area Special Fitur Screen.

The session will begin, from 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., with the colloquium Madrid, capital of the series, around current fiction series and their locations in the city. The meeting will feature the participation of Darío Madrona, author-producer of the Elite series; Valerio Marello, head of locations for the series La casa de papel; Pedro Sánchez Castrejón, creator of the booklet and writer of the book ‘Todo sobre mi Madrid.

A walk through the Madrid of Almodóvar ‘; and Víctor Aertsen, of the City of Madrid Film Office, who will act as moderator. A talk through which attendees can learn more about some of the Madrid locations that appear in their favorite series of the moment and discover the reasons why they were chosen, anecdotes about filming and other curiosities.

Immediately afterwards, from 4:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., visitors will be able to attend the Community of Madrid symposium in the same space. Far West Territory, where the important cinematographic legacy of the Madrid region will be valued in the field of cinematographic Wester.

Moderated on this occasion by Victor Matellano, creator of the tour guide, the colloquium will feature the participation of José Luis Galicia, art director in films such as For a handful of dollars; Manolo Zarzo, actor in several mythical titles; Manuel Bandera, protagonist of the last West film shot in the region; and Javier Ramos, co-author of the book ‘Cinema of the West in the Community of Madrid’.


According to a study presented in April 2018 by TCI Research, 80 million travelers choose their destination based on movies and television series.