Madrid calls for a regulation of tourist apartments nationwide to protect «users and neighbors»

He believes that «there are always few women» everywhere but the fact that Ayuso is the president «balances the balance» in the Government

The Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Community of Madrid, Marta Rivera, has called for a regulation of tourist apartments nationwide, to protect «users and neighbors» because she is concerned that the Community and City Council of Madrid have «each their own rules «without creating» a common line for all «.

In statements to RNE, collected by Europa Press, he explained that in the past Legislature there was «a decree that improved the one that» was «sent to Brussels and that was approved.» «We have to bet on legislation at the national level. I am concerned that each community and city council has its own rules and we must create a common line of action for all,» he said.

In his opinion, it is a phenomenon that «has suffered a lot» but believes that there have to be rules that protect «the user and the neighbor». In Madrid, he has clarified that the number of homes is less than 15,000, but he believes that we must be «strict» and regulate it.

«It is fair that a person can do a business with an address but has to have some obligations. You have to force the owners of these homes to make a record of travelers,» he said.

As for, if she considers that she should have more fellow counselors in the Government than her counselors she has assured that for her there are always «few women in all places» but that in this case people have been chosen following technical criteria and have defended that the president «is a woman», something that «balances the balance.»

Also, the counselor believes that the Heritage Law has been «outdated» and has on the table reform because «things have changed.» Within the competences of the Community, he would also like to adapt a part of the Patronage Law and considers that there is already «much advanced work».

Finally, he has celebrated that the region has a space like the Theaters of the Canal, that is the Community that grows more in tourists and has assured that its objective is that they also grow in the small localities of the Community.