A luxury hotel offers a stay valued at € 13,200 to return the most absurd stolen object

The luxurious The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans has decided to celebrate its 125th anniversary in a very special way and offers a free week with all the expenses paid in its Presidential Suite to the person who is able to return the stolen object «more absurd».

The prize, equivalent to about 15,000 dollars (13,200 euros) for a seven-night stay in the best suite, will be for the person who delivers the strangest and most absurd stolen object in the hotel’s history.

On the company’s website it is encouraged to return from hotel keys, pillow cases, robes, menus, to decoration, «no item is too big or too small». The award will earn a seven-night stay in the presidential suite, gourmet meals prepared by the hotel’s executive chef, as well as personalized spa treatments.

The thief does not have to worry about anything because nobody will ask him questions, he just has to leave his object ‘borrowed’ in the hotel personally or send it by mail to the marketing department that will be in charge of choosing the finalist.

The hotel has announced that it will make a kind of exhibition in the lobby with the objects and then they will be returned to the owners, so that they recover their ‘precious good’. The winner of the draw will be announced in July 2019.

So far, articles such as a plate from The Blue Room (the hotel’s famous jazz club), magazines from the 50s, invoices from the 1940s, menus, old glasses, postcards, giant bronze keys from the rooms and even a Full linens have already been temporarily returned to the New Orleans hotel.