Lufthansa Group will buy 20 Boeing 787 Dreamliner ‘aircraft, valued at 5,312 million

Added to the order of 20 additional aircraft made to Airbus for the A350-900

Lufthansa Group has formalized an order with Boeing of 20 787-9 ‘Dreamliner’ airplanes, valued at 5.800 million dollars (5.132 million euros) at the price of the catalog of the American aeronautical constructor, order that turns the largest European air group into the most recent client of the star airplane of the firm.

This request comes at a delicate time for Boeing following the veto of the 737 MAX, a relatively new model that in five months has starred in two tragic air accidents, and comes to support another of the commercial aircraft products sold by the American manufacturer .

The German company announced yesterday another order for 20 additional aircraft agreed by Lufthansa with its rival Airbus for the A350-900, within the plan of modernization of the long-distance fleet of the German group amounting to 199 aircraft (twelve A350-900 last generation). As of 2020, it will incorporate the Boeing 777-9.

Adding both orders, approved by the supervision committee, the volume of investment at market price reaches 12,000 million dollars (10,616 million euros), although Lufthansa has negotiated a significant reduction in prices, which according to the manufacturers They have agreed not to disclose.

The 20 additional Boeing 787-9 and 20 A350-900 aircraft will mainly replace the company’s four-engine aircraft. The new aircraft will be delivered between the end of 2022 and 2027, Lufthansa reported.

The German group seeks to reduce their operating costs and the complexity of our long-haul fleet, as well as improve the environmental performance of their aircraft. As revealed today in 2018 invested 3.8 billion euros in more efficient aircraft. Its fleet totals 763 aircraft at the close of 2018.

The 787-9, of the ‘Dreamliner’ family, has capacity for 290 passengers in a typical configuration of two classes, and a range of up to 7,635 nautical miles (14,140 kilometers). Since its launch, the 787 has received 1,400 orders from 76 customers and has delivered nearly 800 Dreamliner aircraft to customers around the world.