Lufthansa CEO, in favor of slower sector growth

The executive president of the German airline Lufthansa, Carsten Spohr, has spoken in favor of a slower growth of air traffic. «This sector needs qualitative growth and not quantitative and blind growth,» Spohr said in statements made Monday.

Without naming rival Ryanair, Spohr has criticized «the global war of unparalleled prices» that took place this summer in the short distance market in Germany and Austria. The executive also said that Lufthansa is strong enough to defend its local market.

«A five-euro plane ticket not only obstructs the system but makes us vulnerable to criticism and calls into question all other sustainable activities in the sector,» Spohr said in reference to the competition price war, at He added that he hopes that next year this will not be repeated.

The head of Lufthansa clarified that the German group stands firm against its responsibility for environmental protection and constantly invests in new and efficient aircraft.

In this sense, Spohr has considered that long-distance airplanes due to the necessary energy density must fly for a long time with gasoline. The manager is convinced that «the last drop of gasoline will be consumed by the engine of an airplane.»

Spohr again demanded improvements in air traffic control in Europe and said that the air traffic tax should be used in research projects that benefit aviation.